reality in COLOR

reality in COLOR is a fan zine dedicated to Mamamoo's 2nd full album, reality in BLACK.
Through this zine we want to celebrate and explore the 4 universes presented in this album. It will explore the members' lives and/or personalities in the different universes, from the mom to the rockstar, from the kpop idol to the indie artist.
We want to demonstrate that you can be cool or hip whatever you do and wherever you are!


This will be an illustration heavy zine so it will ideally feature 20 page artists, 3 writers, 4 merch artists, and 1 cover artist. One page artist spot is reserved so we will have a total of 19 page artist spots open.
Please read through all rules and FAQ before submitting your application.

Universe Info

There are 4 different Mamamoo universes in which the members all have different occupations.
The 1st universe is the same as ours where each member is part of Mamamoo.
For the 2nd, 3rd and 4th universes their occupations vary a lot, as seen in the image below.

Mamamoo 4 Universes Roles

21 Jun - 30 Aug - Final Interest Check ✔️
01 Oct - 12 Dec - Contributor Apps Open ✔️
13 - 15 Dec - Results Emailed✔️
15 - 18 Dec - Contributor Prompt Ranking✔️
19 Dec - Prompts Finalized and Distributed✔️
20 Dec - 30 Mar 2021 - Creation Period✔️
03 Apr - Pre-orders Open✔️
01 May - Pre-orders Close

Check In/Benchmark dates
02 Jan 2021 - Concept✔️
16 Jan - Outline/sketch✔️
06 Feb - Mid-way point ✔️
07 Mar - Added Benchmark✔️
30 Mar - Final Deadline✔️

Dates are subject to change as the project progresses. We will always give notice of any changes!
We have hopes to release this zine on Mamamoo's Debut Anniversary June 19, 2021 at 12AM KST.


  • All contributions must be Safe For Work (SFW)

  • If there is an overwhelming request for certain members and not enough for others, we may ask that you create something that was not on your ranking list. We want all members to be relatively evenly featured in this zine. (Example: If in the 1st universe one artist chooses to draw Solar, and another chooses to draw Solar & Moonbyul, the other 2 artists in that universe can only choose between Wheein, Hwasa or Moonbyul)

  • Participants must have a Discord account for communication

  • Check in at each Check In/Benchmark date. If something comes up and you may be late in meeting a deadline, please let a mod know. We would like to make sure everyone is on track to finish your contribution.

  • Please make sure you are in clear communication with the moderators and your partner (if applicable).

  • If you need to drop the project for any reason, please contact a mod ASAP. Life happens, we'll understand. We would hate to lose you but we need to make sure we have enough time to give a back-up contributor.

  • Follow the rules in the Discord server and please use the server as a resource. We have channels specific to each role as well as a wip/critique channel.


About the zine:
What size is the zine?
A5, 38 pages of content (total 42 including credit pages and cover), saddle stitched.
Will ships be included in this zine?
Not exactly. Pairs that can be read as platonic ships are allowed but anything other than that will be up to your own imagination.

General Applications:
What roles will be open for application?
There are a total of 27 open roles. 19 page artists, 3 writers, 4 merch artists, and 1 cover artist. The number of page and merch artists may increase depending on the number of applications received.
Can I apply for more than one role?
Yes, but you will only be selected for one role.
How will I know I have been accepted or not?
We will notify everyone via email whether they have been accepted into the zine or not.
How are artist applicants being evaluated?
We will be assessing your usage and understanding of anatomy, color, composition, and background. We're not looking for something specific; we just want to see that you are capable of filling a page.
For merch artists, we will also be assessing whether or not your style can be portrayed neatly on small physical items like stickers, small prints, or charms.
How are writer applicants being evaluated?
We will be assessing grammar, characterization, and story structure. We are also looking for brevity as the limit is three A5 pages, about 1.5k word count.

What will the Cover Artist do?
The cover artist will be in charge of creating an image for the front and back covers. This person will create one image that will be wrapped around from the front cover to the back. A template will be provided upon acceptance.
What will I do as a Page Artist?
It will depend if you are chosen as an OT4 or individual artist. You will be notified in your acceptance email of your role.
To ensure every member is represented we asked that you are flexible with your prompts. After being chosen as a contributor in this zine we will send out a form for you to rank your preferred prompts to illustrate. You may not receive your rank #1 prompt but we will try our hardest to give you at least one of the 3.
Please see our Rules page for any restrictions. A template will be provided upon acceptance.
If I apply as Merch Artist, how many pieces can I make?
You can make as many as you want as long as all members are presented. If you have questions about it, please contact your mods.
In total, we will need at least: 4 die-cut stickers, 1 sticker sheet, 2 postcards/small prints.
What will be expected of me as a writer?
Writers will be asked to write a short story (1.5k words) of that universe. All members of Mamamoo must be included in this piece.

Are contributors required to have a discord?
Yes. When accepted, you will be invited to the discord channel. This is the easiest and cleanest way to keep in communication with everyone. It is also the easiest way to quickly grab the attention of a mod.
How can I contact a mod?
You can email us or DM via twitter/instagram. If you have an especially urgent question/request, you can tag us individually in the discord server or tag the @moderator role and we will try to answer you as fast as we can. Your mods have an 8-hr time difference so most likely one of us will be on at any given time.
Mod Nana: I am on all the time...
What should the file specs be?
It should fit A5 size with a bleed and at least 300dpi. A template will be provided upon acceptance.
What will contributors receive for participating in this zine?
We cannot guarantee anything but we intend to split profits evenly amongst all participants and send one(1) bundle of the physical zine + merch to each contributor.
If we do not have enough pre-orders to cover the cost of production, contributors will be able to order their own amount of zines and/or merch according to production costs.
If you are under 18, unfortunately we cannot give you monetary compensation but we can still send you the physical bundle. Please contact mods for more details regarding compensation if you are a contributor under 18.
Regardless of the outcome, all contributors will receive a free printable PDF version of the zine.
Can I post my work for the zine elsewhere?
During the creation period we ask that you wait until the zine release before posting your full piece anywhere else. During the pre-order phase, we will encourage contributors to post previews of their work to help promote the pre-order. We will let you know the date when you can freely post your full contributions!

Is this a physical zine or digital?
We will have options to purchase a digital PDF and a physical zine. There are bundles available for physical zine + merch, digital only, physical zine only, etc. Please see our store link for more options and pre-order details.
How can I purchase this zine?
We will have a store link up that you can purchase from. At this point we are anticipating pre-orders to start around May 2021.
Can I purchase merch only?
You will be able to purchase a merch bundle (meaning all the merch together) but not each piece separately. Please see our store link for more options and pre-order details.